Will the January Rush Ease the Talent Shortage?

15th December 2015

We all know that the New Year brings the traditional rush of candidates looking to find a new role, but how can recruitment agencies best capitalise on this flurry of activity? And how can agencies attract the very best candidates amongst all the noise?

Your client’s brand

We’ve talked before about the importance of the employers brand and their company culture. Anonymous recruitment ads may deliver the factual elements, but candidates are looking for much more to interest them. Candidates will look at the employers website, their social media presence and even LinkedIn profiles of people that already work there. Lately we are also seeing a rise in employer company videos to convey to potential employees how attractive a place is to work at.

Candidates will talk

Social media is a huge influencer for candidates seeking a new role. It’s now easy to connect with, and talk to, existing employees within an organisation. Candidates are also very likely to tweet and Facebook their thoughts about a recruitment process, including their feelings about the interview. Other candidates will see this, so it’s important to provide a positive experience. Employers should seek to engage with candidates more on social channels even if a role doesn’t work out right now, there might be a better fit occur further down the line.

Flexible working

2016 will see technology further drive employees ability to work flexibly and remotely alongside even greater importance being placed by the best people on achieving a better work/life balance. Candidates looking to change jobs in the New Year will actively be seeking employers who embrace and offer flexibility. Plus, remote working greatly extends the geographic reach for the role and increases the potential size of your talent pool.

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